GOTV No Signal Error Causes & Boosting Network Strength

No Signal error is one of the major problems that you may often experience while using MultiChoice pay terrestrial service popularly known as GoTv.

As a result of this common error, your GoTv Screen will start displaying “E48-32 searching for signal”.

Experiencing this may be really frustrating when you are eager to watch your favorite shows, that’s why it’s important to know what causes it so you can do your best to fix and avoid it.

There are many reasons why this may happen, however, it’s also worth noting that this doesn’t happen for no reason.

Rest assured that we have written all the possible causes of the GoTv No Signals Problem and the possible ways to fix them and increase your network strength instantly.

Guess what? It doesn’t require deep knowledge of the GoTv Services, without wasting much time let’s quickly head over to see the solutions to this error.

Understanding GOTV No Signal error

No Signal is a common error that occurs when the GoTv Decoder is not receiving a signal from the satellite, this can be due to simple network problems, damage, or climate conditions.

The error will stop the ability of your decoder to power your TV with the expected program, in this case, your screen will only display “No Signal E48-32”.

It’s also worth noting that this error can’t be solved through Customer Care and the use of the GoTv Self-service.

How To Boost GoTv Network Strength?

There is a great relationship between the GOTV Signal and the network strength. If the network is weak the recorder can’t receive the potential signal to operate and you are more likely to experience the “No Signal” error.

GoTV Signal Strength No Signal
0-20% Very likely
21-30% Likely
31-40% Possible
41-50% Unlikely
51-60% Very unlikely
61-70% Very unlikely
71-80% Very unlikely
81-90% Extremely unlikely
91-100% Extremely unlikely

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