GOtv Jinja Package Cost And Channel Lists

Jinja is a name given to a GOtv Subscription Package. The Package comes with 45 Channels at the cost of ₦2700 monthly.

Here is the breakdown of what the Jinja package offers:

Subscribers can enjoy access to the channels listed in the categories above.

GOtv Jinja Channel List

Check out the channel list in the GOtv Jinja

Category Channel List
Local Channels
  1. RSTV (channel 103)
  2. EBS (channel 104)
  3. BCOS (channel 105)
  4. iTV Benin (channel 107)
  5. BISCON TV (108)
  6. Liberty TV (channel 110)
  7. Tiwa n Tiwa (channel 111)
  8. R2TV (channel 112)
  9. RAVE (channel 113)
  10. NTA2 (channel 114)
  11. ONMAX (channel 96)
  12. Wazobia TV (channel 98)
  13. Galaxy TV (channel 99)
  14. OGTV (channel 100)
  15. Arewa 24 (channel 101)
  16. WAP TV (channel 102)
  17. Sunna TV (channel 84)
  18. LAGOS TV (channel 90)
  19. NTA International (channel 91)
  20. SILVERBIRD (channel 92)
Sports Channels
  1. SuperSport 
  2. ESPN
Movie Channel
  1. M-Net Movies
Other Genre Channels
  1. Discovery Channel.
  2. Animal Planet.
  3. National Geographic.
  4. History Channel.
  5. MTV Base.
  6. Trace Urban.
  7.  Fashion One.
  8. E! Entertainment.
  9. Sony MAX.
  10. Sony MAX2.
  11. Africa Magic World.
  12. Africa Magic Family.
  13. Africa Magic Showcase.
  14. Da Vinci Learning.
  15. BBC Brit.
  16. Food Network.
  17. TLC

Other GOtv Packages and their Cost

There are more packages in the GoTv 

Package Cost Monthly  Channels
GOtv Supa Plus NGN12,500 85+
GOtv Max NGN5700 75+
GOtv Jolli NGN3950 65+
GOtv Smallie NGN1300 35+

How To Subscribe To GOtv Jolli?

You will need to follow these simple steps to subscribe to the GOtv Jolli

  • Visit the GOtv Self Service Platform
  • Locate the login button and select your country
  • Provide your GOtv IUC Number
  • Phone Number and tap on log in
  • Go to Packages and Choose Jinja
  • And finally proceed to pay.

If you experience any GOtv Error Codes after the subscription. You can simply reset your decoder by restarting it. Switch it off and switch it on again.

Comparison Between Jinja And Smallie Package

Feature GOtv Jinja Package GOtv Smallie Package
Channel Variety Wide range of channels including 

  • Africa Magic.
  • CNN.
  • And more.
  • Limited channels.
  • Offering basic loca.
  • international content.
Entertainment It is suitable for those seeking a richer entertainment experience. Basic entertainment package with fewer channels. It is suitable for individuals with simpler viewing preferences.
Pricing Higher subscription cost compared to Smallie due to the extended channel lineup. lower subscription cost which makes it Budget-friendly.
Sports Coverage Offers additional sports channels. Limited sports channels may not be ideal for avid sports enthusiasts.
Local Content Popular local channels and shows. Basic local content with fewer channels dedicated to local programming.

Pros and Cons:

GOtv Jinja Package:

Pros: Extensive channel variety. 

  • diverse entertainment options.
  • enhanced sports coverage.


  • Higher subscription costs may be overwhelming for those seeking a simpler package.

GOtv Smallie Package:

  • Pros: Budget-friendly, suitable for basic entertainment needs.
  • Cons: Limited channel selection, may lack variety for those desiring a broader range of content.

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