List Of Free Channels On GoTv And How To Access

People who use GOtv more often might forget to pay for GOtv Subscription on some occasions.

When your subscription expires you will have no option than to watch free channels.

Free Channels require no subscription, they are always available for viewers. You can watch your favorite shows, this includes sports, entertainment, and children’s content.

Free-to-Air Channels on GoTV

Here is the list of GOtv Free channels and their category.

1 Channel Number Channel Name Category
2 1 TV3 (Ghana) General Entertainment
3 2 AIT (Nigeria) General Entertainment
4 3 NTA International General Entertainment
5 4 TVC (Nigeria) General Entertainment
6 5 Silverbird Television (Nigeria) General Entertainment
7 15 Trace Urban Music
8 16 MTV Base Music
9 17 Channel O Music
10 18 Nigezie Music
11 19 HiPipo TV Music
12 20 Kidz Station Kids
13 21 Da Vinci Learning Educational
14 22 National Geographic Wild Wildlife
15 23 Honey TV Lifestyle
16 24 Food Network Food
17 25 Fashion TV Fashion

How To Access Free Channels On GOtv?

To access Free channels you need to buy a GOtv Decoder and Antenna. If you already have these two you can proceed to the next step.

  • Connect your decoder to your TV. Use the HDMI or AV cable provided to connect your decoder to your TV.
  • Connect your antenna to your decoder. Use the coaxial cable provided to connect your antenna to your decoder.
  • Switch on your decoder and TV.
  • Go to the Installation menu.
  • Select Auto Scan.
  • Wait for the scan.
  • Once the scan is complete, you will see a list of all available channels.
  • Free channels will be marked with a green checkmark.
  • Select the free channels you want to watch.
  • Press the OK button.


  • No subscription cost
  • Sample platform before paid subscription
  • Access to basic entertainment


  • Limited channel selections
  • May contain ads and promotions

Tips For Using Free Channels On GOtv 

Here are some tips for using free channels on GOtv.

  • Rescan GOtv Decoder; keep in mind that you must rescan your decoder to receive the available free channels in your area.
  • Antenna Quality; For a good viewing experience, make sure your GOtv Antenna is positioned properly, this will help to receive a good signal.
  • Signal Strength; This is very important, it’s possible to experience No Signal Error if the signal strength is low, so make sure you check it.
  • Parental Control; This is one of the most important steps every parent must take towards their children. Set up parental control and restrict your children from accessing channels you don’t want them to.

GOtv Paid Subscription Package 

If you are impressed with the performance of free channels and feel like upgrading to paid packages, here is the list of packages available for you.

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