GoTv Self Service Platform, Activate, Login, And How It Works

What do you think about managing your own GoTv account without having to contact Customer Care each time you are experiencing an issue? It’s possible with the use of GoTv self service platform.

You can login to your account, manage and upgrade package with your Smartphone.

View and modify informations related to your account, however it’s also worth noting that you will need to have an active GoTv account before you can do all these.

What is GoTv Self Service Platform?

GoTv Self-service platform is designed to give users special access to their respective accounts details and have rights to manage and adjust them for their suitable needs.

Now that you understand how crucial is it to have access to your self service account it’s important to know what you can do with GoTv Self Service?

Here are some of things you can do.

  • Payment of GoTv Subscription Package
  • Checking Your GoTv Package Name
    Clear Error Codes
  • New Decoder Activation
  • Get a dealer
  • Find Frequently Most Asked Questions

How To Activate GoTv Account In Self Service Platform?

Basically there are 3 ways to activate GoTv account in the self service platform.

  • By Using GoTv App
  • By Using GoTv Self-service Online
  • By Using SMS

Rest assured that we are going to explain how to activate your GoTv account in all ways.

1. By Using GoTv App

Kindly note that you need GoTv IUC Number before you proceed to logging in to the app.

If you aren’t sure about your IUC Number you can alternatively use your mobile phone number.

2. By Using GoTv Self Service Platform

This could be a direct way of accessing your self service while you don’t need to install any app.

Some even prefer this way because it offers flexible way which you only need to visit the address via your Browser.

3. By Using SMS

Don’t have an internet access and you still want to access your account? No worries, GoTv got you covered as they provide USSD codes for every country.

Kindly note that each USSD code is only valid for a specific country, you must pick the USSD code that belong to your Country.

Recently GoTv has updated it’s self service USSD codes, all countries can access the service by dialling *288#

How To Login In To GoTv Self-service Platform?

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