GoTv Nigeria, Prices, Channel List & Packages 2023

GOtv is a digital television service offered by MultiChoice Africa. It is available in sub-Saharan Africa and offers a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets.

GOtv offers:

  1. Digital TV channels
  2. Local and international content
  3. Sports coverage
  4. News and entertainment
  5. Movies and documentaries
  6. Children’s programming
  7. Affordable pricing
  8. Easy set-up with a decoder and antenna.

It’s one of the most used Digital television Services not only in Nigeria but also all over Africa with active real-time users.

Why Choose GoTv?

GoTv has roughly 2.8 million subscribers, and being chosen by this high number of people shows dedication.

It’s not about dedication alone, but also about offering customers what they really deserve, and that’s why they stay!Gotv

They are being used in every state In Nigeria (36 States) and guess what? The state with the lowest population according to the data provided by Wikipedia is Bayelsa State with 2,394,725.

Now Imagine, if a business-dominated country that has the smallest state with a 2,394,725 population, that’s huge! Yeah.

GoTv Annual Report Charts.

To make you understand how well the GoTv is performing, we have attached the annual report data, you can simply view it below.

Look at the chart very well, you will realize how people heavily use GoTv.

GoTv Channels List

Unfortunately, GoTv Channels are grouped by package, here is the table containing the list and the channels listed in their respective package.

Package Channels
GOtv Smallie Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Yoruba, NTA International, Wazobia TV, Galaxy TV, JimJam, Nickelodeon, One Gospel, Sound City
GOtv Jinja All channels in GOtv Smallie, plus SuperSport Select 1, SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Select 2, Telemundo, Televista
GOtv Jolli All channels in GOtv Jinja, plus Africa Magic Epic, Africa Magic World, CNN International, M-Net Movies Zone, MTV Base, Nat Geo Wild, ONTV MAX, SET, SONY MAX, Trybe TV
GOtv Max All channels in GOtv Jolli, plus BBC World News, Disney Junior, Hip TV, Vox Africa, Zee World, WWE
GOtv Supa All channels in GOtv Max, plus Al Jazeera English, Arise News, BET2, Discovery World, E! Entertainment Television, e.TV Africa, Silverbird

GoTv Prices & Packages

Wants to learn more about packages and prices of the GoTv? Here you go.

Package Monthly Quarterly Annually
GOtv Smallie ₦1,100 ₦2,900 ₦8,600
GOtv Jolli ₦3,300 ₦10,200 ₦31,200
GOtv Jinja ₦2,250 ₦7,500 ₦22,500
GOtv Max ₦4,850 ₦14,550 ₦43,650

How Much is GoTv Price Per Month?

The GoTv price per month depends on the subscribing package, all the packages prices were mentioned in the table above, you can simply check the package that has your favorite channels and choose it.

GoTv Channels Numbers

Each channel has its number in the GoTv Channels list, knowing their numbers will help you to find your favorite channel easily without any form of stress.

Package Channel Number
GOtv Lite Africa Magic Hausa 4
GOtv Lite Africa Magic Yoruba 5
GOtv Lite Africa Magic Epic 9
GOtv Lite Africa Magic World 10
GOtv Lite AIT 93
GOtv Max Fox Life 76
GOtv Max Fox Sports 77
GOtv Max KIX 78
GOtv Max M-Net Action 79
GOtv Max M-Net Movies 1 80

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