GoTV Max Subscription Package, Channel List And Price

We have been down in to the path of the GoTv Max Subscription Packages which we previously featured GoTv Smallie.

When you look at the fan base and the number of channels that GoTv has you will know that they are giving one of the best pay TV services in Africa.

They offer bunch of packages, rest assured that each package has its own benefits and what it offers from channels and subscription duration.

But before we reach there, it’s very important to know what you really want from a package before subscribing to it.

Requirements of the package, channels needed and price may vary individually, that’s why we will dig down to revealing number of channels and the price of the GoTV Max Plan Package.

What Is Max Subscription Package?

GoTv Max Subscription Package is the second plan of the pay terrestrial service, it’s a great option for people who want to watch a variety number of channels.

It has the great sports channels and News Stations, including Al jazeera Channel.

Users can subscribe to their preferred package from 1 month to 1 year depending on the individual preferences.

  • Accessing over 68 channels, this includes popular channels like Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Yoruba, Telemundo, E! Entertainment, M-Net Movies Zone, and Eva +.
  • Guess what? Users will enjoy uninterrupted viewing which includes watching  favorite shows, thanks to GOtv Max’s 24/7 crystal-clear picture.
  • With flexible payment options, you can pay for your subscription monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • As a GOtv Max subscriber, you gain access to exclusive content such as live sports matches and premiere movies.
  • GOtv Max subscribers also receive discounts and offers on other GOtv products and services.

GoTv Max Subscription Channel List

Below are the list of the channels in GoTv Max plan, grouped by category.

Category Channel
Movies Channels AfricaMagic Epic, M-Net Movies 4, TNT Africa
Novellas Telemundo, Eva + Zee World, Star Life
Documentary, Lifestyle & Education Discovery Family, Real Time, NatGeo Wild
General Entertainment E! Entertainment, FOX, BET
Sport ESPN, SS Blitz, SS Football
Audio Naija FM, Wazobia FM
Kids and Teens Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, Jim Jam
Nigerian Channels only on GOtv AfricaMagic Family, AfricaMagic Hausa, AfricaMagic Yoruba
Music MTV Base, Hip TV, AFRO Music English
Religion Faith, Islam Channel, Emmanuel TV
News and Commerce NTA Parliament, BBC World News, CNN International, Al Jazeera
Local Channels Sunna TV, LAGOS TV, NTA International

It’s also worth noting that this is not an exhaustive list, and guess what? The channels sort or lineup may vary depending on the location of subscriber.

GoTv Max Package Price

The Price of the GoTv Max Subscription Package may vary depending on the subscriber’s location, for example, Nigerians can enjoy movies, and kids shows, local and international series at just NGN4,850 monthly while Kenya at KES2,499, and Ghana at GHS199.

How To Upgrade To GoTv Max?

Below are the simple steps you need to follow to upgrade to Gotv Max subscription package.

  1. Visit the GOtv self service website:
  2. Log in using your mobile phone number attached to your account, you are more likely to be required to provide IUC number, and surname.
  3. On your dashboard, select “Build a package”.
  4. Select the “GOtv Max” package.
  5. Click on “Next”.
  6. Enter your payment details and click on “Pay”.

Once you paid, you will be upgraded to the GoTv Max and you will enjoy watching all the channels I listed in the table below.

If you experience any issue feel free to contact GoTv Customer Care.

Frequently Most Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of upgrading to GOtv Max?

Upgrading to the GoTv Max will give you an instant access to more local and international stations.

It offers access to over 60 channels compare to GoTv Jolli Package which offers only about 40 channels.

What are the payment options for GOtv Max?

Well, the payment option for subscription to all packages remains the same, you can use credit card to subscribe to your preferred package.

Can I watch sports channels with the GoTV Max Package?

Yes, the GoTV Max Package comes with several sports channels, these channels include SuperSport 1, SuperSport 2, SuperSport 3, SuperSport 4, and others, however , sometimes it may vary and depends on the subscriber’s location.

Can I use GoTV Max Package on multiple devices?

Unfortunately it’s designed for only single device usage, You’ll need to have your decoder connected to your TV, this gives access to the channels in the GoTV Max Package and gives you freedom to watch.

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