How To Check GoTv Daily Schedule (All Channels)

GOtv users can now check the daily schedules to know the upcoming programs.

One of the most frustrating things is going through channels to find the expected program while you aren’t sure when it will be aired.

People often get tired and frustrated, so they become too lazy to watch the programs they want just because they have no idea when it will be aired.

You no longer have to worry if you are going through such circumstances.

There is a GOtv Daily Schedule prepared just for you. You can access it for free and check the programs you yearn for.

What is the GOtv Daily Schedule?

The GOtv daily schedule lists all the shows and movies that will be aired on GOtv on a particular day. 

The schedule is divided into different time slots; each typically lasts one hour. The schedule for each day will vary depending on the channels included in your GOtv package.

Here is an example of how the GOtv daily schedules will look like.

1 Channel Time Show
2 SuperSport 1 12:00 PM Premier League Match of the Day
3 M-Net 8:00 PM The Blacklist
4 StarLife 9:00 PM The River
5 Zee World 10:00 PM Gangaa
6 Telemundo 11:00 PM La Patrona

How To Check GOtv Daily Schedules?

You will need the following things we listed below to check the daily schedules of any channel.

  • Gotv Remote
  • GOtv App
  • Be specific and know the channel you want to find it’s schedules
  • GOtv Package
  • Date

There are two ways to check the Goyv Daily Schedules; let’s learn together.

1. By Using GOtv Self-Service 

Here are the steps to use GOtv Self-service to check daily schedules.

  • Visit the official Gotv website.
  • Login to your account; you must provide the following things when logging.
  • After logging tap on “More.”
  • Navigate to “TV Guide”
  • Now select the package and the channel you want to view its daily schedules
  • And boom, the daily schedules for the selected channel will be displayed

2. By Using GoTv Decoder

You can also use GOtv Decoder to check the daily schedules; remember to carry a remote alone.

  • Press the “Guide” button on your GOtv remote control.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to the date you want to view the schedule.
  • Press “OK” to view the schedule for that day.

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