How To Rescan GOtv Decoder and Recover Lost Channels

Have you ever wondered why your GoTv lost some channels? and feel like you want to know why they disappear and how to recover them. It’s possible when you rescan GoTv Decoder.

While it may sound weird, you aren’t the only one experiencing this issue. Sometimes there is literally nothing wrong with your GOtv Decoder, you just need to take some simple steps to rescan and recover the lost channels.

Guess what? You don’t necessarily need to contact Customer Care for this issue. However, if you are someone like me who is trying to avoid stress at all costs you can contact the support representative.

At this point, I will advise you to keep your GOtv IUC Number close to you as it will be requested by the support team to recognize your account.

However, if you don’t like waiting you can simply follow the steps that we are going to provide in this content in order to rescan your GOtv Decoder.

But before taking you to these steps, we will start by knowing the possible reasons why some channels go missing.

Why GoTv Decoder lose some channels?

Below are some reasons why some channels suddenly go missing, Take note of these important things before you head over to rescan your GoTv Decoder.

  1.  Signal Issues; weak signal strength is one of the major reasons why some channels might go missing. This issue usually occurs when the decoder is not properly installed however if you are sure it’s installed very well then you have to make sure that there is nothing that is blocking the signal like a tree or building.
  2. Decoder issue; While the signal strength is strong there may still be an issue with the GoTv decoder itself. You are advised to check it very well as it may be a hardware or a software glitch
  3. Subscription Issue; Not all channels are available in a single package, Please check your subscription package via the GoTv Self-service center. Some of the popular packages are GoTv Smallie and GoTv Max, you can check their channel list and confirm if they meet your requirements.
  4. Rescan; Sometimes all you need to do to recover the Lost Channels is only to rescan your.

Here is how to check signal strength, press MENU button on your remote, and move a head to select Advanced options, then Signal Information. The signal strength should be at least 70%. If the signal strength is less than that it’s considered weak, please try adjusting the position of the antenna.

How To Rescan GoTv Decoder and Recover Lost Channels?

As I already said all you need to do is just to rescan GOTV decoder simply using your remote, below are the simple steps you need to follow.

  • Locate the “Help” button on your GoTv remote and tap on it, it will open the “Menu” Go through the options and select the “Advance Option”
  • Look at all the options very well and select “Installation” Once you pressed OK then you need to go to the “Automatic Scan”
  • Upon pressing the OK button, your GOTV will start rescanning all the channels, It might take a while once the process is done all your lost channels will be back

It’s also worth noting that you need to exit to completely remove it from your screen. The exit button is there just tap on the OK button.

Upon clicking on it your GoTv will be recovered and get back to what it’s with all channels recovered.

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