How To Use GoTv USSD Code? Detailed Guide

GOtv USSD Code is a convenient way of accessing GOtv services and managing accounts without having an internet connection.

While some people may prefer GOtv Self Service to manage their account. They will still require an internet connection before accessing the service.

USSD Code is the easiest yet effective way to pay GOtv Subscription, and even change your existing package to the preferred plan.

How GOtv USSD Code Work?

GOtv USSD code works by allowing any user to access all Gotv services by dialing and calling the code on a mobile phone.

Upon calling the USSD the menu will be represented where the user can select his desired option by pressing and sending the number listed before the option.

Some of the options include

  1. Recharge GOtv 
  2. Clear No Signal Error Code
  3. Upgrade Package
  4. Change personal details

You can select your desired option by simply dialing the number before the option and taping on “OK”.

Benefits Of Using GoTv USSD Codes 

1 Benefit Description
2 Convenient Easy access to manage a GOtv account regardless of where you are, using only a mobile phone.
3 Easy to use You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the GOtv USSD Codes, it’s simple and easy.
4 Fast You can quickly and easily perform various tasks, such as checking your balance, paying your subscription, and clearing error codes.
5 Secure The GOtv USSD code is a secure way to manage your account. Your personal information and financial details are protected.
6 Available 24/7 You can access the GOtv USSD code 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How To Use GoTv USSD Code?

The GOtv USSD code is *288#, you can use it to access GOtv services including but not limited to Package activation and change of package.

Here are the services that you can use the GOtv USSD code for;

  • Pay; users can easily pay for their preferred package without having to use any third-party services for subscription, a more secure way.
  • Offers; there are some offers that will be distributed from time to time, GOtv users can access their offers through the USSD code and Smart Card Number to see if they are eligible for the Promo Code.
  • Change package; this could be an upgrade or downgrade, whatever you want you can use the GOtv USSD code to modify your package.
  • Fix Errors; more than often users can experience some errors, this could be due to underlying causes which may include, service errors, or GoTv Decorder issues.


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